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Earth Technology Expo

Schools and Universities

Space, Climate, Environment

A rich program of meetings, workshops and activities for students
Ufficio Scolastico Regionale per la Toscana

In collaboration with the Regional School Office for Tuscany, we will host meetings and activities for dissemination, gamification and professional and university orientation aimed at elementary, middle school, high school and university students.

Registration procedures will be communicated within the month of September
For more information, please contact the email address: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Meetings and workshops on Earth Observation

Coordinated by ASI - Italian Space Agency
Days of meetings and workshops for middle and high school students coordinated by ASI, the Italian Space Agency, on the subject of Earth Observation.

Laboratories dedicated to Earth observation concepts and projects, with reference to the activities of ESA - European Space Agency and the IRIDE project

Realized by Space42 in collaboration with EWA Foundation
With the contribution of: Fondazione CR Firenze

Space launchers
How it is possible to send satellites into space, practice with geometric shapes, Vega the launcher used by the European Space Agency, the orbit around the Earth, the speed of the launchers, the shape, the energy and stability needed.
Laboratories for elementary schools
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Rover exploration - To the moon
Familiarize yourself with block programming, observe and understand what a rover is, correctly detect objects in space, Moon-Earth distance, the Artemis Missions, Lunar Gateway and the Moon Village concept, what a rover is and how to execute elementary movements.
Laboratories for middle schools
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Earth in a bubble
Comparison between reflected light and absorbed light, what is the electromagnetic spectrum and the concept of infrared, the concept of soil humidity, the instruments on board the satellites that observe the Earth.
Laboratories for high schools
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Meetings and workshops on Emergency Management

Coordinated by the Civil Protection Department
A timeline through the main emergencies which, from the Messina earthquake of 1908 to today, have marked the evolution of civil protection and the history of our country: from rescue operations, to the coordination of emergency interventions, up to the development of risk forecasting and monitoring systems. A path between earthquakes and floods, volcanic eruptions and environmental disasters, which will give everyone the opportunity to become a little more aware of the role they can play in protecting themselves, taking care of others and their own territory.
Earth Technology Expo Firenze


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